Sunday, 24 February 2008

What is a Police State?

Now the Inland Revenue has joined the growing list of organisations that can bug your home, intercept your telephone calls, read you post, copy your e-mails and generally intrude into every aspect of your life. What will it take to make the people of this country realise we are living in a Police State. Maybe it will be when everyone is queuing for their compulsory DNA Test so they can join the register of potential criminals sorry I mean register of ??? Well what would you call it? The purpose will be to allow the Police to trawl the register to find people to arrest! Surely this makes it a “Potential Criminal Register” by default?

The “everyone” on the register will of course exclude MP’s and their families, Celebrities and major donors to the Labour Party.

Let’s look at a couple of characteristics of a Police State.

In a Police State the government is run by unelected elite not a democratically elected parliament.

Well this is partially true in the UK and becoming truer every day. No on has ever voted for Regional Assemblies, but they exist and have enormous power over ordinary people. No one has ever voted for the 1,000’s of Quangos that exist but they are tremendously powerful. The New Labour Government increasingly uses appointment to the House of Lords as a way of getting their placemen into positions of Power without the bother of getting them elected. And of course the European Union, run by the “Commission” who are 100% appointed.

In a Police State when elections are permitted then usually only one party is allowed to stand so the ruling elite is ensured that the right candidate always wins and takes their seat in a sham parliament that exists to give an appearance of democracy where in fac5 none exits.

Again this is partially true in the UK and becoming truer every day. The UK allows political parties to form but then rigs the electoral system to ensure only the Lib/Lab/Con can ever win. There are obviously the rare exceptions such as a Hospital Campaigner, anti sleaze candidate or highly supported local independent but even these really serve as exceptions which prove the rule. For all their public fighting the three main parties are actually almost identical policy wise. All three support the European Union and all three want the UK destroyed as a political entity. Voter numbers are falling at every election, not because of voter apathy but because most people now know their vote is meaningless as it is irrelevant which of the LIB/LAB/CON are in power. They really are all the same.

I could go on but the majority of the population don’t appear to care. Interestingly many of those that do care are leaving this country in droves The UK is facing the biggest brain drain in 50 years and according to figures from the Taxpayer’s Alliance no other nation is losing so many of its graduates and professionally qualified people. Britain’s lost of more than one in 10 of its most skilled citizens equals an emigration rate higher than any country in the world apart from Mexico. The key reasons for leaving the UK are quality of life, intrusive laws and stifling bureaucracy, increasing and unjust taxation and a general feeling that an overly meddlesome state is leaving people unable to control their own lives.

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