Thursday, 26 January 2012

Only "little people" pay taxes

It makes my blood boil when I read things like this! My father died in November and the inland revenue have already written to him, yes the letter was addressed Mr Derek Allison (DECEASED), to remind him there will be £100 penalty to pay if he fails to file his tax return online before 31st January. Unfortunately as he's DEAD he can't! I pointed this out but its not their problem apparently, the fine is automatic! Then I read that althletes and sportsmen/women who live in tax exhile are being give tax exemptions......I'd do it the other way round......if you DON'T pay UK tax then you can't pull on a Team GB Jersey.

UK waives tax for 2014 Games to attract big names

LONDON (Reuters) - Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and other overseas athletes will not have to pay British income tax if they compete in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the government said on Thursday, encouraging big names to build the event into their schedule.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Derek Allison (Deceased)

My battle today was with the Inland Revenue who have sent a letter to Derek Allison (Deceased) informing him of an automatic £100 fine if he fails to file his tax return on line (and pay any tax due) before 31st January. I contacted them to explain the clue was in the letter they had sent him when they put (Deceased) in the address line. Apparently these are just computer generated letters and the fine will be automatically applied if the return is not filed. I pointed out a dead man couldn't operate a computer. The answer to that was if he appealed the fine then being dead might be considered an extenuating circumstance and the fine may be cancelled!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Off to a flying start

The open meeting of Hartlepool Independents – Putting Hartlepool First, held this Saturday, resulted in enough new members joining the party to provide for the party to challenge for at least one seat per ward at the May 2012 Local Elections.

A constant stream of potential members attended the meeting in the Grand Hotel, Hartlepool, to discuss the aims, objectives and policies of Hartlepool Independents - Putting Hartlepool First. The majority of those attending decided to sign up as members of the party and over a dozen of them were keen to represent the party as candidates for the Hartlepool council elections.

“It was a great event” said Geoff Lilley, Leader of the Hartlepool Independents – Putting Hartlepool First. “We had a couple of members of other parties who came for a look at us but by far the majority of people who came through the door had come to sign up as members. The appetite for change is definitely out there and Hartlepool Independents – Putting Hartlepool First are definitely being seen as a vehicle to provide that change”

The new party was formed last year and the meeting in the Grand Hotel was its first recruitment event. In addition to new members the party also received donations towards the costs of the forthcoming elections.

Initially Hartlepool Independents – Putting Hartlepool First had targeted to have at least one candidate in each of the eleven new wards. However, the party already has more than the eleven candidates required to achieve this aim and so are looking at fighting all three seats in a number of target wards.

“There are several existing independent councillors, one or two former councillors and some active campaigners on various issues whom we would have liked to see join us” said Stephen Allison, Party Secretary of Hartlepool Independents – Putting Hartlepool First. “Unfortunately some of these individuals have so far decided to remain on the side lines and in at least two cases the existing councillors have possibly now missed the boat for selection in their current wards as Candidates for Hartlepool Independents – Putting Hartlepool First.”

The party will be holding another meeting shortly and will announce its selected candidates for target wards before the end of January. “Its time to stand up and be counted” said Party Treasurer, Steve Gibbon “if anyone really wants to put Hartlepool First then they should join us and put their money where their mouth is. Together we can really make a difference".