Wednesday, 6 February 2008

"They" are everywhere

Please read this in the spirit in which it was intended....with my tounge firmly in my cheek!

Listening to the radio this morning I heard Barack Obama giving a speech about the Super Tuesday Results. At the end he urged all Americans to go forward together and to find a COMMON PURPOSE.

So they you are proves it that THEY really are everywhere!

Ask any conspiracy theorist and they will tell you that over the last few years the UK has been systematically infiltrated by a criminal conspiracy operating under the innocuous-sounding name of Common Purpose. This organisation describes itself as a charity and says it has no hidden agenda, but to many conspiracy theorists it is clearly nothing other than a treasonous agency of the Jewish Illuminati. It operates under a highly secret code of practice which includes the Chatham House Rule of conspiratorial silence in pursuit of its deviant psychopolitical agenda.

According to those who KNOW THE TRUTH, Common Purpose’s main objective is to form a secret network of leaders at every significant level of UK society, thus filling in the gaps not covered by freemasonry. High-pressure techniques designed in the Tavistock Institute are used to brainwash potential "graduates" in radical socialist theories, Europhilia, and "diversity" (a cover for brain-dead uniformity!). The course attendees will thus be indoctrinated automatically to discriminate against anyone considered obstructive to the interests of the newly emerging post-democratic EuroSoviet.

So there you are…..the Truth is out there……

but only if you believe it.......


  1. This is either the most subtle irony or you are completely barking mad.

    The Illuminati are lizards as was highlighted at last year's conspiracy.con

  2. It was actually intended to be ironic and a bit of fun. However I neglected to remember that hard core conspiracy theorists have NO SENSE OF HUMOUR!

    I have added an introduction line telling people to read the post only with their tounge firmly in their cheek!

  3. I think with respect Councillor Allison may have done a dis-service to UKIP. I am PPC for UKIP in Swindon and also a candidate in the forth coming elections. As it happens I have been looking into Common Purpose for some time, and can honestly say I am not a conspiracy theorist. I have however only today finished listening to a presentation at Common Purpose on Video and have to say the final comments by the presenter has raised some questions. The presenter who it seems was a heavy financial sponsor of UKIP claims that senior UKIP people are Common Purpose graduates. So my obvious question to the councillor is, has he attended any Common Purpose courses. My second question has been posed to The EU Truth Organisation and my third to my contacts in UKIP Europe. I am aware that there is at least one person in Swindon (a Friends of the Earth activist) who admits to being a Graduate of Common Purpose. Having seen much documentary evidence on this video I certainly believe if only 20% were true, this organisation has no place in politics and local agencies any more than Freemasons do, and at the very least their should be a declared list of members which apparently they refuse to do sighting the Data Protection Act, even though they are a registered charity. If Councillor Allison does not wish to post openly he may wish to email me or comment on my feature on common purpose on my blogg. The easiest link being