Tuesday, 5 February 2008

They've had our fish! Now they want our Oil and Gas

Without doubt the World is going through an energy crisis. Oil at $100 a barrel and China and India taking increasing shares of energy resources. Russia, as the world's biggest supplier of gas using its power to exert political pressure and the Middle East remaining unstable.

However, behind the pro and anti nuclear debate another fundamental change in the UK energy position is taking place. For decades the UK has been somewhat insulated from the worst of world energy pressures by North Sea Oil and Gas. However, the European Union’s New Constitution (The Reform Treaty), signed in Lisbon (belatedly) by Gordon Brown, classifies national energy assets, such as North Sea oil and gas, as “Community Assets” over which management and control can be taken by Brussels once the treaty is ratified.

British assets transferring to EU Community Property has happened many times before. Possibly the most notable was the loss of British Fishing grounds, a UK asset that served us well for generations, which passed to Brussels under a Common Fisheries Policy. This opened British waters to all EU Countries and resulted in the subsequent destruction of British Fishing to keep Spanish and French Fleets in business.

Control of North Sea Oil and gas fields are now yet another asset the British are giving up to the EU. I hope we do a little better from the Common Energy Policy that we did from the Common Fisheries Policy. Let’s face it; we could hardly do any worse!

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