Friday, 15 February 2008

Ah the weekend at last........

Ah the weekend at fun filled days sitting my RYA Day Skipper exams, was supposed to be revising and doing practice papers for the last two weeks but as per usual my bag with the books, charts and instruments has sat unopened since I finished the last teaching session two weeks ago.

After this there is my VHF Radio Exam (8th March) and my Sea Survival Course (To be arranged) before I head off to the Med in April to do my Watch Leader Practical Assessment (5 days at sea, including 2 night watches).

It’s a busy busy life! Once I have all of these under my belt then the opportunity exists to spend the winter months sailing the Caribbean as a crew member on big sailing yachts, maybe its a (another) mid life crisis!!

Haven't you ever fancied just throwing your kit into a duffle bag and running away to sea? or joining the circus? or anything like that? If my knees were still up to it I'd quite fancy being a ski bum in the winter and a scuba diving instructor in the summer! Unfortunately the knees definitely wouldn’t take the strain!

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