Wednesday, 20 February 2008

New Sports Hall for Eldon Grove

Planning Committee today got of to a flying start when it was agreed that we defer a decision on the Eldon Grove Sports Hall so that we could have a "site visit" by the Planning Committee. I did ask if there was any Councillor who didn't know where Eldon Grove was? I voted against the site visit since in my opinion this is an excuse that is used far too often to avoid making a decision, especially on something that might be contentious. Why do the planning committee need to go to look at Eldon Grove to discuss a building that isn't there yet?

Thinking about it brought to mind the time when we bought a new TV last year. We couldn’t decide what size to get so we went home and I made a series of Cardboard templates of the various sized TV's we had looked at and we tried each in turn in the room until we decided which on we liked. Maybe the Planning Committee will be offered a life sized cardboard cut out of the new sports hall to help us make a decision?

Personally I think most sports halls are ugly box like buildings. Just look at the monstrosity on the back of the Borough Hall if you want an example of how the architecture should not be done.

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