Thursday, 7 February 2008

Busy Busy Days

I'm getting seriously addicted to the statistics package I have loaded onto my blog to monitor how many people look at this blog, when they look and where they come from.

The most interesting thing to me is I am developing a pattern of low hit rates on Saturday and Sunday but high hit rates on Fridays and Mondays! I wonder if that means people check before they leave work on a Friday and then look again on a Monday morning to see if I've been active over the weekend. At this rate I might just have to upgrade my hit counter and pay for one that tells me more!

1 comment:

  1. I have recently joined this site, primarily on the strength of your newsletter and its link to here, Steve. Never done blogs before. They never really appealed to me - before now. I think some background might help explain this.

    I, too, have had a few letters published in our local paper, and whilst scouring the letters to see if they have published another one, I often come across your own contributions. On reading them, I have always found them interesting, informative and amusing. They have an air of honesty and truth to them and, apparently, your opinions make you the bane of your fellow councillors! But it wasn't until the newsletter that I could put a face and a few more opinions together about who you actually are.

    Regarding the hit rates to your site, and the peaks and troughs of interest, I personally don't have a preference. Sometimes I don't even know what day of the week it is (lol) so hitting your site on a particular day, or at a particular time, isn't really an issue for me.

    Now that I have found your blog site, I am sure I shall be checking back every now and again to read up on your latest exploits, and will submit comments where appropriate at these times.

    My apologies in advance! :)