Friday, 22 February 2008

North Sea Region

Recently obtained a copy of the final report of "Project Seaport". This is a European Union initiative between five harbour towns (The Hague, Bremerhaven, Nieuwpoort, Zeebrugge and Hartlepool. The report was the usual glossy production claiming all good things come from the EU and how we should all be grateful for being allowed to be members. It even seemed to imply the new Headland Town Square was a result of the EU. The role of the SRB and North Hartlepool Partnership was glossed over (well totally ignored actually).

The most interesting thing for me was that the report clearly identified Hartlepool (and the entire East Cost of England) as being part of the "North Sea Region". For those who don't know this is one of the regions into which the EU hopes to eventually split the UK (as shown on the map at the start of this post).

Notice that Scotland also effectively ceases to exist and Wales is put together with Southern Ireland as one region, Northern Ireland joins part of Scotland and the Western side of England in the Atlantic Region. Even worse for the people of Kent and Sussex, according to the European Union they are actually part of France having been rolled in with the Calais area on a map drawn up for Brussels showing these areas will belong to the "Trans-Manche Region".

Once these supra-national regions are established it will enable the European Union to remove all references to England (and Scotland) from the official Maps of Europe.

How long before Hartlepool Borough Council is printing letterheads showing the address as

Hartlepool Borough Council
Civic Centre
Victoria Road
Hartlepool TS24 9DE
North Sea Region
European Union


  1. That red bit looks like the old Hanseatic League to me. Which was a pretty good thing, actually, as it was a trading alliwance, not an Empire. But it went the way of all such alliances in the end.

  2. The Hanseatic League was, as you say quite rightly, a Trading League, which was exactly what many people thought the Common Market was going to be and what the people of the UK voted to join in the referendum in the 1970's.