Friday, 22 February 2008

Spoken in jest!

Had my highest ever hit rate on my blog today with almost 100 page views.

I was delighted until I looked into where the hits were coming from!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a tongue in cheek piece about Barak Obahma mentioning Common Purpose in one of his speeches. The piece was intended to poke a bit of fun at the conspiracy theorists that see shadows everywhere. Unfortunately my sense of humour has now got me into trouble again. My piece has been taken as gospel truth by some internet residents. I am getting messages of congratulation for exposing the conspiracy. It is my own fault for forgetting conspiracy theorists have absolutely NO SENSE OF HUMOUR. How can anyone take it seriously that we are being controlled by a race of shape changing lizards from outer space?

Mind you! Did you see that Dr.Who episode, the one where there were lizard like creatures that lived inside human skin suits and took over the government. After all let's face it Torchwood is a real place you know! I've been to Cardiff, I've seen the secret invisible elevator that takes you into the secret headquarters.....must be all true......STOP IT NOW......JOKE!! PLEASE JOKE!!


  1. I think with respect Councillor Allison may have done a dis-service to UKIP. I am PPC for UKIP in Swindon and also a candidate in the forth coming elections. As it happens I have been looking into Common Purpose for some time, and can honestly say I am not a conspiracy theorist. I have however only today finished listening to a presentation at Common Purpose on Video and have to say the final comments by the presenter has raised some questions. The presenter who it seems was a heavy financial sponsor of UKIP claims that senior UKIP people are Common Purpose graduates. So my obvious question to the councillor is, has he attended any Common Purpose courses. My second question has been posed to The EU Truth Organisation and my third to my contacts in UKIP Europe. I am aware that there is at least one person in Swindon (a Friends of the Earth activist) who admits to being a Graduate of Common Purpose. Having seen much documentary evidence on this video I certainly believe if only 20% were true, this organisation has no place in politics and local agencies any more than Freemasons do, and at the very least their should be a declared list of members which apparently they refuse to do sighting the Data Protection Act, even though they are a registered charity. If Councillor Allison does not wish to post openly he may wish to email me or comment on my feature on common purpose on my blogg. The easiest link being

  2. I have never attended any Common Purpose Courses nor have I been approached by any "Graduates" of the program, nor am I aware of any "senior UKIP People" who are members of this organisation.

    PS Nor am I a Freemason but I am a former member of the Rotary Club.

  3. There is much evidence of this isidious nature of Common Purpose. I recently attended an event where a UKIP MEP no less warned about this organisation. You can see the speeches on YouTube. What have you got to hide? Why are you denyiong the Common Purpose conspiracy?

  4. Common Purpose is a corrupt and evil organisation and must be stopped: