Friday, 8 February 2008

Don't Believe a word.......Labour Manifestos not worth Paper they are printed on.......Confirmed in Court

It was officially confirmed in Court this week that Manifesto Pledges were not expected to be honoured and Politicians making such commitments were under no obligation to keep their promises. These astonishing claims were made by Gordon Brown's barrister at Brighton County Court in a case brought against him by a member of the UK Independence Party.

The Prime Minister’s Barrister made this admission in open Court while arguing that Gordon Brown had not committed a breach of contract by refusing to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Constitution.

Sadly the legal challenge demanding the Labour Party fulfil their Manifesto Pledge has been thrown out, but, it has placed on record an admission from Gordon Brown's legal aides that Labour Party’s manifesto commitments are not worth the paper they are written on.

I always thought you read the Party Manifesto and if you agreed with it then you voted for it. That basic assumption is now officially dead and buried. Mind you it was dead and buried in Hartlepool a long time ago. The Manifesto Pledge on the Hospital for example, forgotten as soon as the Polls closed. Of coursed the Labour defence team could have quoted Hartlepool’s own Mayor. He ran on two manifesto promises, free bananas for all school children and cuts in Council Tax. Neither Policy has seen the light of day again after the votes were counted.


"manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation" is the legal jargon.....

Or in laymens terms,

"I will promise the earth for votes, but don't expect me to do it once I get in"


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