Saturday, 16 February 2008

Security Clearance

Received notification today that my British Energy Security Vetting had come back clear. This therefore allows me onto site at Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station.

To obtain this clearance has taken several weeks and required me to submit a load of information about my identity, declare any current or pending criminal or civil convictions (should say here that I have no such convictions and no pending cases either) and declare I was not linked to any proscribed organisations. A dire warning was given when filling in the form that even an undeclared speeding fine could result in security clearance being denied!

I of course had to be difficult since an employment check is part of the process. I have been self employed for over 20 years so getting my boss to countersign the forms was not possible! Copies of the last few year's Inland Revenue self assessment codings and a letter from Hartlepool Borough Council confirming I was a Councillor eventually did the trick.

Happily the British Nuclear Security Forces have confirmed I am who I say I am, a bona fida resident of the UK with a pristine employment record, no criminal or civil convictions and no known associations to any undesirable or illegal organisations. I was a bit concerned that my (lapsed) membership of Hartlepool Rotary Club would be a black mark. Also it was nice to know that being a member of UKIP is obviously not a criminal activity (yet?).

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