Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Tough on Conservation, tough on the causes of Conservation

Conservation areas were again on the planning committee agenda. Approval was granted to demolish a house in Hart Village that was being touted as of major architectural importance and vital to the character of the village. I went to look at the site before the meeting (not on the Councillor's away day minibus trip I must add, I go on my own and in my own time) and thought pulling it down was a kindness.

No doubt the "Conservation, Conservation, Conservation" Crowd will disagree but I think if we listened to them we'd still be living in caves.

Can you just see it, a group of cavemen gathered round a newly constructed mud hut...."Sorry" says the Chief Conservation Caveman, "but there is no precedent for huts in this settlement. We've had caves here for generations and building huts definitely detracts from the authentic Stone Age character of our community."

"But," objects the miscreant who has dared to erect this hut without proper planning permission and in contravention of fire regulations, "but, it's a lot warmer than a cave, has better drainage, good ventilation and I've introduced a revolutionary new concept called a Chimney. No more coughing and red rimmed eyes from all that smoke in the cave."

"I don't care" says Chief Cave Conservation Officer, "We live in a cave, that’s why we are called cave men. Now I'm not against progress but we have to remember that Ancient Britain might withdraw grant support for digging new caves if we start building huts and we are hoping to attract tourists into the area, if they can see huts at home then why would they come here? We have to preserve our caves. Anyway rules is rules. Pull it down and get back in a cave where you belong!"


  1. I believe that as in the "old" days, leaders should be at the head of the army going into battle, so the conservation, conservation, conservation crowd would have at least some credibility if they left their centrally heated double glazed mansions, paid for out of our taxes, went to live on the sea front and then told us double glazing is not necessary and softwood sliding sash windows look better.
    By the way, what ever happened to the "survey" and report on the Headland Conservation area or has it been buried because it didn't give the answer they wanted ?

  2. The Headland Conservation Report was published in September 2007 and can be downloaded at

    If you want to use paste this link into your browser please note it should all be one continuous line but I have had to break it up to fit into this window.

    The report is 104 pages long so is a 5mb download. I do agree with you completely about the conservation warriors who seem to want to deny others the modern building materials and standards they themselves enjoy. Rather like the eco warriors who jet round the world protesting at everyone else's carbon footprint or the anti-car brigade who drive massive 4X4's. On that subject do you know what causes traffic congestion and parking problems? The answer is simple "other people's cars!" If everyone else would just give up their car then the roads would be clear for me and I would have no problems parking!