Saturday, 23 February 2008


Went to see "Jumpers" at the cinema last night. The basic premise looked quite good and it was based on the books by Steven Gould. Unfortunately the film started in the middle of the books so you missed the background, most crucially who were the "Paladins" and why were they killing Jumpers. If you like lots of special effects, a few good fight scenes and a sort of poor man's "Matrix" then this is a film for you.

My son Edward (Aged 15) loved it because it was just like a big computer game. I see some considerable merchandising opportunities and "Jumper for the X Box" would be a good bet.

However if you like a plot, decent character development and a point to a film (other than as a vehicle for merchandising or a sequel) then leave this one alone. At the end it was perfectly set up for a sequel as indeed the next book in the series would pick up almost exactly where the film finishes. The other weakness in the film is its total lack of shape changing lizards and even though I listened very carefully there were no references to Common Purpose anywhere in the dialogue. (That last sentence was a joke!)

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