Monday, 12 May 2008

topless in Crewe

Lovely sunny day in Crewe, lots of topless people walking past the office, all male unfortunately! The leaflet teams are out and the map of the constituency is starting to fill in nicely with yellow highlighter. Not to say this indicated Lib-Dem support, not in the least, it's just how we keep track of where our leaflet teams have been. Last week it was a little depressing as it had isolated spots of yellow here and there but its starting to look quite jaundiced now.

From Tuesday a campaign newspaper will also be going out and we will start with a green highlighter, of course where we have already delivered the introduction pack we might get green and yellow looking more like Blue! I must find somewhere that does purple highlighter to ensure UKIP colours are represented somewhere.

Had several people in the office yesterday after posters for their garden. The local UKIP'ers have said the have never seen so FEW Labour posters in any election before. There are also reportedly more Tory Posters but not a high number. It might very well be that the Labour vote stays at home rather than goes Tory. We did get a brief mention in the Sunday papers when a lady being interviewed admitted she was a life long Labour supporter but would never vote for them again, she was thinking about voting UKIP! The majority of visitors to the office were actually Labour voters who had finally seen the light.

Bob Spink is due in the constituency tonight and hopefully we will have a good turn out at out meeting in the Crewe Arms Hotel. 7.30pm kick off! Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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