Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Credit or Debit Card

A UKIP Volunteer for the by-election travelled fron Norfolk to Crewe to help out. He decided to break his journey at a Travel in order to get some sleep, to arrive bright and early and fresh the next morning. All went well until he arrived at the Travellodge and booked in.

"Are you paying by Credit or Debit Card Sir?" asked the receptionist.

"Neither" replied out UKIPer "Cash!"

The Receptionist then apologised "I'm terribly sorry Sir, we don't take Cash"

Our UKIP Volunteer ended up sleeping in his car since he doesn't possess a Credit or Debit Card and surprisingly enough he wasn't carrying his passport for the journey from Norfolk to Crewe. Apparently the Travelodge has a policy not to take cash unless you have photo ID as well. This is to prevent people paying cash, trashing the room and leaving, or even worse paying for the room and only using it for an hour? I have no idea why you would want a room for just an hour?

Of course when we are all carrying our compulsory ID Cards this problem won't arise!

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