Sunday, 18 May 2008

Question: What travels faster than light?

The answer is of course a rumour! Nothing material can exceed the speed of light as it will reach infinite mass as it approaches the speed of light so the energy to push past the light barrier then also becomes infinite. Well that's how I understand Einstein but of course the Trekies out there will point to Warp Speed and say that's how its done.

So what rumour am I talking about? As Oscar Wilde once said "The only thing worse than being talked about. Is NOT being talked about". Apparently I have had a major falling out with the candidate Mike Nattrass and left the Crewe and Nantwich by-election team in high dudgeon! Of course nothing could be father from the truth. I was at Crewe during the set up stages to provide cover in the office and advise on the mechanics of the operation (Election Address Production, Postal Voter Letters, Leaflet delivery systems, etc). It was always intended that the local branch and the North West Regional Organiser would be running the campaign. I also offered my comments on the Election Literature, but as it isn't "my" campaign I didn't do any more than that. For my taste its a bit heavy on the EU and not enough on local issues. However, the majority input into the campaign literature was Mike and Nikki. Provided wasn't illegal, libelous or totally contradicts UKIP Policy then I did not see it as my job at Crewe to write campaign material.

This is the second thread on the board about my "behaviour" at Crewe. Apparently I ripped off a letter from Greg Beaman and used it shamelessly promote myself ahead of the MEP Selection Process. Once again the truth was a little less dramatic. Greg sent the letter to the North West Members and I asked him for a copy to send round the rest of the members via the e-mail list. The list is controlled from Head Office so I sent the letter to them and they sent it out. As I asked them to send it it automatically went under my name. Simple!

Of course these facts don't prevent other speculation! Ah the wonders of politics. If some people only spent half the time out on the street campaigning as they do on line! Of course posting this on a Sunday afternoon begs the question "Why aren't I in Crewe?"


  1. It's Anthony 'Bitcher' and his armchair cabal followers foaming at the mouth again!

  2. That's the truth!

    Fast beginning to see the internet as more of a curse than a help in certain areas. I think people assume it's true if it's on the internet but, as you point out here Steve, not so.