Friday, 23 May 2008

All together at the feed trough tonight

Annual Council tonight and the filibuster unfortunately couldn’t take place after one of my partners in crime lost his bottle at the last moment and pulled out. However, three other Councillors asked why we hadn’t done it and then said they would have helped if they had known earlier. Looks like next year might be a possible if they all hold their nerve. Of course by next May we might have a new Mayor! Who knows how the electorate will jump!

The Head Master (Leader of the Tories) has a quiet laugh about my Lord Snooty Skit but Matron WAS NOT AMUSED. If looks could kill then Comrade Lilley (G) would have been in his box tonight. I said hello to Lord Snooty but he can’t have seen me as he didn’t return my greeting. Of course as a snub it only works if it is someone of higher status acting to put down a perceived inferior. As the people who ignore me are in no way my superiors it just makes me think they are just small minded and petty. Several Labour Councillors for example always speak to me, they don’t have to agree with me nor do they even have to like me, but common courtesy costs nothing. There are several people I know who are so totally incensed by the fact that I am a Councillor and so eaten up inside by it that they just cannot bring themselves to even acknowledge my presence. This includes several current Councillors and of course an extremely bitter former St.Hilda Councillor who won’t even acknowledge me when I am inches away from him. Mind you neither does the Lib-Dim Leader! He never has acknowledged me in any way and I suppose UKIP coming within 2 votes of removing him from his seat will not have softened his feelings towards me.

Back to the coal face for me in the morning but considerably buoyed up by the knowledge that judging by the looks on several faces in the Council last night my continued presence is definitely causing some acid indigestion. I just find it terribly amusing that some people feel so strongly about it all. After all it’s just politics, no-one actually dies in Hartlepool Council Chamber, well not yet anyway, although I’m sure if the power of thought could actually kill I wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes.

It’s just a shame the public couldn’t see the Hartlepool Yellow Labour, New Labour and Blue Labour Councillors all together at the feed trough tonight, the Lib/Lab/Con continues in Hartlepool!


  1. Do you think that one of the reasons why you are disliked in council is because your detractors are suffering from a guilty conscience. They agree with your stance on the E.U. but daren't defect to U.K.I.P.

  2. Maybe! However it's more probably because I'm an argumentative bastard with an irreverent nature and who calls a spade a spade! Of course I don't think there are many Councilors with consciences of any kind, let alone guilty ones! Most of the Lib/Lab/Con Councilors sold out long ago any principles they might once have had.