Saturday, 3 May 2008

All aboard for Crewe

Arrived home in time for the local election results but also to learn that in total disregard of all tradition and convention the Labour Party have moved the Writ for the Crewe by-election before the late Ms Dunwoody has been laid to rest.

As a gesture of respect to the deceased it is usually accepted that no direct campaigning will take place until after the funeral. When the Lib-Dems started early ion Bromley they were rightly criticised of not even waiting until the former MP Eric Forth was cold before they were jockeying for his seat. However, in the case of Ms Dunwoody it is here own party that have started to campaign rolling before she is in the ground.

As a result of this I will be on the train to Crewe in the morning. As UKIP Campaigns Director I'm responsible for ensuring we fight a professional campaign and comply with all the regulatory issues. The Candidate is the West Midlands MEP Mike Natrass and poling day will be May 22nd.

So it looks like it might be another hiatus for blogging! Catch you all when I get back when I hope to have the reports ready on my Tall Ships Challenger experience. It was definitely an experience I can tell you that. Of course the possibility of the Fastnet Race 2009 has now come up..........but that's definitely a story for another day.

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