Thursday, 8 May 2008

Let's hear it for the real alternative

Taxes going up and up and up!

Post Offices Closing Down!

Immigration out of Control

British Troops being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan

Waste incinerators on your doorstep

Economy in freefall

The list could go on. The 10p Tax fiasco show the Labour Government is failing and ignoring its traditional supporters. Desperate to divert attention away from its record in government the Crewe and Nantwich Labour Party hope that selecting the daughter of the late MP as their candidate will appeal to personal loyalty.

Why should Crewe and Nantwich elect a former Labour Welsh Assembly Member looking to cash in on family connections to restore her flagging political career? Make no mistake Tamsin would be no “chip of the old block” if it came to putting Crewe and Nantwich ahead of Party loyalty. Party, Party, Party will win every time.

So what’s the alternative?

It doesn’t matter if you vote Labour, Tory or Lib-Dem. All three take 80% of their policy instructions for the European Union Commission in Brussels. This effects almost every aspect of daily life in the UK.

So what is the alternative?

The UK Independence Party is the only real opposition!

UKIP is the only Party fighting in
Westminster and Brussels to regain control of our country from the European Union Superstate.

Only UKIP want to regain control of our borders, stop unlimited immigration, repeal the Human Rights Act, rebuild our links with the Commonwealth and scrap The Common Agricultural Policy, The Common Fisheries Policy and The Common Energy Policy.

UKIP don’t want what’s best for Europe.

UKIP want what’s best for Britain.

On May 22nd the only way to make a real difference is vote for Mike Nattrass and the UK Independence Party.

On May 22nd you are not going to change the government of this country but you can send a powerful message!

On May 22nd tell Gordon Brown and the Lib/Lab/Con that ordinary, decent, British people and saying “Enough is enough”

Vote Mike Nattrass – Vote UKIP!

Published by me on my blog in support of Mike Nattrass, the UK Independence Party Candidate
Crewe and Nantwich By-Election. Campaign Office 121 Nantwich Road Crewe


  1. The Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour councillors are not there for the benefit of the people of Hartlepool.
    They are there for their own ends which include petty party politics and getting as much money as they can from being a councillor.
    If councillors were to act for the benefit of ALL Hartlepool then they would run the town for the benefit of ALL of the people not for their own and top officers financial benefits.
    The ludicrous amounts of money being paid to administrators who are so called "directors" is obscene and these three political parties are in cahhoots. There are wards in Hartlepool in the bottom 1% of depriviation in the whole of England and councillors are to blame.

  2. UKIP needs to get its message clear regarding local and national government. It is still seen basically as a single policy party and is not seen as having local or national poicies. This means voters do not identify with UKIP locally or nationally and it must address this problem if it is to survive. UKIP is losing out to other fringe parties who have taken the initiative and spoken out about the real worries people have. It is imperative that UKIP survives and grows and to do this it must break into local and national politics and get seats.
    Otherwise this country will be submerged in a European superstate which will take 50 years to explode as did the Soviet Union.