Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Dry in Crewe

Campaigning is hard thirsty work. Last night I was sat in the bar at the Crewe Arms Hotel with John Bufton and Derek Clark MEP. We were just getting into our stride when a thunderous crash of shutters coming down disturbed the convivial atmosphere. Checking my watch I realised it was 11.00pm and so the public Bar was shut! I asked at reception if there was a resident's bar and was told the Night Porter had a selection of bottled beers bit there was no bar open after11.00pm. The night porter's selection started at £3 for a small bottle of Budwisser!

That was how John and I ended walking the streets of Crewe in the early hours of Tuesday forlornly looking for somewhere to get a drink. According to a local student the only place to get a drink after 11.00pm is at the all night off-licence at TESCO.

Thank goodness Clive Page isn't here! I can't even imagine how he would react to being told no drink after 11.00pm!

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  1. Crewe Chronicle headline

    'Sheepshagger and Monkeyhanger prowl streets at night'