Sunday, 18 May 2008

Not so good!

The remedial works on the Block Sands paddling pool have also now been started. The railings needed to be moved and a couple of benches taken out to give the Port Authority enough space to get vehicles onto the Heugh when they were carrying out work on the breakwater (Not sure when this was or will be?). Unfortunately the reinstatement has so far been carried out with black tarmac and the work has ruined the blue finish on the area. I am assured by the engineers that this is actually only temporary and the blue finish will be restored shortly. However the whole surface in that area is badly scarred that really the entire area needs to be resurfaced. I blame the local Councilors! Well why not, everyone else does!

PS. Doing a bit of research about tarmac costs and road repairs (How sad is that on a Sunday lunchtime!) and maybe the Block Sands Pool Area isn't that bad! The Highways Agency has just OK'd a project where the costs will be £1,000 per INCH. OK, so it's a 51 mile stretch of the M6, but £56 Million a Mile! Where do they get their budgets from? Oh yes, its us poor taxpayers isn't it!

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