Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Public Meeting in Crewe

Bob Spink MP (standing at lecturn on left) speaking at the Public meeting in Crewe last night in support of Mike Nattrass (seated on right).

There was standing room only at the meeting in the Crewe Arms. About 80 people squeezed into the Gladstone Room to hear Mike Nattrass and Bob Spink talk about the effects of the EU on the people of Crewe and Nantwich and explain how only a vote for UKIP was a vote to get our county back.

Bob is one of the hardest working MPs and was praised by the late MP Gwyneth Dunwoody, with whom he had agreed on many topics, and a minute's silence was observed in her memory. He said that if Britain was not in the EU it would have billions to spend which could be used locally on services. Outlining UKIP’s raft of polices Bob, who travelled up from Westminster to attend the meeting, said these included a flat tax, which would remove 4.5 million people from taxation altogether, bringing back hospital matrons, more bobbies on the beat and the repeal of the Human Rights Act.

Mike Natrass Mike told the audience: "The other three parties are in denial." He said, "Any debate mentioning immigration and they don't tell the electorate that because of the EU people from 26 countries are able to freely come here." Crewe has many Polish immigrants. Mike said he liked Poles. He said: "But we don't need millions of them. Poland is being stripped and is having to import people from the Ukraine and China. We cannot plan our economy because we don't know how many are coming over the border and the EU is constantly expanding."

Mike thanked Bob for making the journey to Crewe and the formal meeting finished about 9.00pm but of course it continued in the hotel bar until much later.

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  1. we should aim to double that number for the next meeting. are the details of the meetings on the leaflets being handed out?. will we be seeing ukip campagining on the high steet to?