Saturday, 10 May 2008

Sad and Desperate

Sad and Desperate, not the UKIP Campaign here in Crewe but the antics of the Labour Party who are facing the prospect of a formerly safe Labour seat slipping out of their hands. The Labour campaign appears to be built on two main planks. Firstly the Candidate is the daughter of the former MP and secondly that the Tory Candidate is a "Toff"

So Sad that they are still fighting the Class War in Crewe and desperate that they think they need the personal vote of the "Dunwoody Brand" to save the seat.

However, the late MP was held in such high esteem by her constituents because she spoke her mind and wasn't afraid to be unpopular with the Labour Leadership. I'm not sure if Tamsin is in quite the same mould as her mother. Tamsin comes into the campaign after loosing her (Labour) seat on the Welsh Assembly and so the campaign in Crewe is really a last attempt to save a faltering political career. During her 4 years on the Welsh Assembly Tamsin proved herself to be a true Nu Labour Clone and she has a record of defending unpopular Labour Policies, not attacking them. The local links to Crewe are also tenuous to say the least. In her campaign to win a Welsh Assembly seat in 2003 she made much of her "local links" to Cardiff claiming she was someone who lives in the community, works in the community and whose children go to school in the community. Thereby giving her a very real belief in a strong voice in Cardiff for Pembrokeshire.

As regards the sad, class warriors in the Labour Party. They seem to think it's a wizard wheeze to follow the Tory Candidate round the constituency with Labour Activists dressed as though they are on their way to the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. Now coming from Hartlepool I appreciate that many old labour activists are still steeped in the politics of envy and class hatred but I had hoped that the country as a whole was growing out of that. Of course look at the number of Labour MP's with private educations and the even larger number who are sending their own children to independent schools and you realise the Nu Labour Leadership can't really allow the classs war angle to go to far as they themselves are pretty vulnerable. However, when has being a hypocrite ever troubled a politician?

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