Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Polish Sausage

The sun is shining today and I am chewing on a Polish Sausage. There is a Polish Grocery shop right opposite our office and they do a mean line in spicy sausages!

Also discovered what "Czajnik bezprzewodowy" means in Polish (well I think I do) any guesses?

Well I think it means "Cordless Jug Kettle" because that's what it says on the other side of the box in English. This was purchased in the local TESCO yesterday as the office was sadly lacking in tea and coffee making facilities. Reading the rest of the box (yes I'm sad!) I discovered the kettle was made in China for Tesco Stores UK and is labelled in English and Polish as the main languages but CZ, H and SK translations are also in smaller print.

Ah the wonders of globalisation

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