Monday, 5 May 2008

It's raining in Crew

Well here I am in Crewe. Its just after lunch and the rain is coming down. The UKIP Campaign Office is up and running at

121 Natwich Road

our telephone number is 01270 211007

Broadband is on line and webpage is being set up as we speak. Not as far along with leaflet distribution planning as we would like since we couldn't get ward maps from local council on Friday as they were busy with local election count and they are closed today for Bank Holiday.

We've seen the some Labour activity as their HQ is just down the road from ours and of course they have selected the daughter of the former MP to as their candidate. Labour might not support the hereditary principle in the House of Lords but there appears to be a developing hereditary element in the House of Commons. Just look at how many husband/wife teams of MPs there are and how many MPs are sons, daughters, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, etc of former or even sitting MPs. Some newspapers talk about a developing "Political Class" in the UK but to me its getting more like a family business. At least the people of Hull had the good sense to reject John Prescott's son to replace his father but I'd put money on Prescott Junior popping up again somewhere soon.

Cameron is rumoured to be in town tomorrow so maybe the pace will be hotting up.

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  1. Good luck to your campaign!