Thursday, 20 November 2008

Tall Ships Team Briefing

The Tall Ships Team are briefing Councillors on developments with the planning of The Tall Ships’ Races 2010 on Tuesday 2nd December 2008. A presentation will be given lasting approximately 20 minutes and will set out the background to The Tall Ships’ Races 2010, where we are to date with the planning and delivery of The Tall Ships’ Races, an overview of the recent inspection visit by Sail Training International and an update on work in the 6 Workstreams (Event Technical, Event Management, Fleet Technical, Marketing and Communications, Finance and Legal and the Safety Advisory Group).

Councillors will have the opportunity to ask questions on issues relating to the planning and delivery of The Tall Ships’ Races 2010 event so if any member of the Hartlepool public has anything that would like me to ask at the event then please get in touch and I will table their question.

1 comment:

  1. You can ask how much this junket is going to cost council tax payers and how much money has been pledged by private firms (not other publicly funded quango's)