Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Americans and NOT Americans

Well I tried to resist it but I suppose I have to have my two pennyworth about President Elect Obama. His election reminded me somewhat of the 2004 Hartlepool by-election campaign fought by Labour to ultimately retain the seat! By the end of the campaign we all knew the Labour Candidate (now MP) was a local man, his children were local children, his wife was a local wife, his parents were local parents and even his dog was a local dog. We knew nothing at all about what he believed in, what he stood for or what motivated him to want to become the next MP for Hartlepool. The whole election was a policy free zone as far as the Labour Campaign Managers could make it.

Now the Presidential election is over we know Obama wants change, his wife supports change, his children are desperate for change and no doubt if he had a dog then that to would be pro-change. His parents haven't figured quite so prominently in the campaign, as he is actually not the USA's first black President as he is the son of a white mother and black father but I suppose the first mixed race President doesn't have the same ring. So apart from him being black (ish) and in favour of change we know almost nothing else about him as the whole election was almost a totally policy free zone.

He reminds me somewhat of Tony Blair who rode the "Clause 4" debate into Downing Street without actually having Any real convictions, principles or beliefs other than he would be a great Prime Minister (rather like Cameron!). I hope Obama will be a great President but suspect he'll leave us holding the baby in Iraq, will leave us in Afghanistan and will ultimately apply the acid test of all US Politicians "If its good for the USA then its good for the world". Time will tell but remember there are two types of people in the world, the Americans and the NOT Americans and as far as the Americans are concerned only the former really matter and the latter are all expendable in pursuit of the American dream!

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