Thursday, 27 November 2008

Introducing our next speaker

I am speaking at an event in Cambridge this weekend and the organiser has asked me to send down a brief introduction for the program. I've sent the following. I wonder if they'll use it?

It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to introduce one of the giants of our time. Stephen Allison.

Stephen is a wonderful, kind, generous man who gives freely of himself to help others who are less fortunate than himself. A close personal friend of several members of the UK Royal Family, advisor and friend to prominent international business men such as Richard Branson and Alan Sugar and of course a key strategist guiding the campaign of President Elect Obama who has said that Steve is the man who really put him in the white house.

Despite moving in such circles Steve still finds time for the lighter side of life and his sense of humour is a wonder to all who encounter him. He himself however would be the first to admit that he has struggled with his own inner demons and was in the past considered conceited by some people, however, now that he has confronted and overcome that possibly forgivable minor flaw I an certain no one will disagree that Steve is now perfect.


  1. you forgot to mention being hung like a shetland pony, up the workers.

  2. Steve, knowing you as well as I do, you forgot to say how shy and retiring and waht an innocent soul you are!