Saturday, 8 November 2008

Blues frozen out in their bid to go green

I thought Greg Beaman might have picked up this story, he being a City Fan (or was it United, all the same to me anyway!). Apparently Manchester City's plans for a giant wind turbine have been hit by European Union Health and Safety Regulations. The 360ft turbine in front of the stadium has been put on hold amid fears people could be injured by icicles falling from the huge blades. The scheme would have produced almost 25 per cent more energy than the stadium needed, enough to power 1,250 homes, and would have made Eastlands the first football stadium to generate its own energy.

But EU health and safety laws meant there would have been an exclusion zone
around the turbine, making large areas of the car park and TV and radio facilities
out of bounds on match days causing City 'huge problems'. The club say
they won't be deterred from going green after the setback and are looking at all sorts of different options to be "responsible to the community and the environment."

Of course the giant turbine still wouldn't have answered the basic problem with wind power, namely "What do you do when the wind isn't blowing?" How about a scheme to harness all the groans of frustration from the City Fans when their latest high priced foreign signing misses an open goal? Finding away to capture all that energy would probably power half of Manchester not just a few hundred houses!

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