Sunday, 2 November 2008

James Bond

Just got back from the cinema where we watched the latest James Bond Film. Verdict, total rubbish! If I had been watching it on the TV at home then I'd have lost interest and started channel flicking after the first 20 minutes.

Starts with an extended car chase at the conclusion of which Bond unloads a man out of the boot, how this man got there and his identity are never explained but he is threatened with torture by M who is then shot by her own bodyguard which results in an extended chase over the rooftops with lots of shooting and damage to property. Bond kills the bodyguard and the action flicks to London where M is totally unharmed and a "marked" banknote from the bodyguard's flat leads Bond to South America (or possibly Cuba I'd lost what little plot there was by now) where there is a long boat chase with lots of shooting and damage to property. After the boat chase we move to Italy where Tosca is being performed in front of 1,000's of people but Bond manages to get hold of an ear piece and flush out the baddies, taking their photos on his camera. Action flicks to Bolivia and a redhead girl briefly appears, mainly to allow Bond some bedroom action shots I think. There is also a long plane chase with lots of low flying and shots of Bond grimacing! Bond now discovers the secret and in a big fight in an exploding hotel which appears to be mainly constructed from papier mache considering how quickly it catches fire. Bond then dumps the bady in the middle of the desert, AFTER he has told Bond everything he wants to know, unfortunately this is not included in the film so you are just left to work it out for yourself. Bond then confronts someone in Russia who killed Vesper but doesn't kill him, M turns up to take him away. The End.

Plot almost zero and what there was was impossible to follow. Director in love with chases shot by cutting between camera angles at a rapid rate making it disjointed and jerky. Dialogue almost zero. No Miss Moneypenny, No Q or clever gadgets, no touches of humour at all and Felix Lighter from the CIA is Jordie Le Forge from Star Trek the Next Generation. Apparently if you had seen Casino Royal and could remember the plot details then some of Quantum of Solace made more sense. When this was explained to me then I assumed the whole film was put together with car chases, boat chases, plane chases and fight scenes that didn't make the final edit for Casino Royal but cost too much money to make to just drop on the cutting room floor.

Out of 10 I'd give it 1 or possibly 2. As a Bond film it was without doubt the worst I've ever seen! In fact just as a film and leaving aside the Bond angle I can't think of many worse films I've seen and I include some right turkeys on Movies for Men at 3.00am in the morning!

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