Saturday, 1 November 2008


Spent a fair chunk of today going round scooter shops looking for a 50cc Moped for the son and heir, Edward. Edward is already sick of me singing "When I get me moped out on the road I'm gonna ride ride ride" from the classic "Funky Moped" by Jasper Carrot ( I didn't realise that was released in 1975, when I wasn't even old enough to have a moped of my own! In those days the Yamaha FS1E was the dream machine but I always thought my Suzuki AP50 had the edge!

Anyway, the main problem today seems to be mopeds are built for the 16 year olds of days gone, every bike Ed tried resulted in his knees hitting the handlebars on full lock! Did manage to find one that fit him, but of course it was a new model only released this year which was a few inches taller than the next biggest bike we found. Unfortunately as its a 2008 Model there are no second hand ones on the market yet which does rather blow the budget (even with Grandad promising to help with funding). However, on the bright side I have convinced Ed that November is not the right time to buy a motorbike so he's going to wait until the spring, which gives him a bit longer to save up and also made his mother much happier since it means her baby will not be on the roads on two wheels for another few months at least!

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