Friday, 21 November 2008

Diet Report No:5

Just realised its been three weeks since my last Diet Report. I fell off the diet for a while after the first four weeks, then there were trips to London and various other events, with buffets, that tempted me astray (Clive!!) and of course the urge to have a curry was just too

However, as I am off to Majorca for Christmas I've decide to give it another four weeks on the diet (plus the fact that I'd already paid for the package so a shame to waste it).

So taking today as Day 1 of the next cycle I tip the scales at exactly 16 Stones (101.5kg). I doubt very much that I'll be able to loose another 3 Stone in four weeks but a stone should be achievable. I'd really like to loose 15lbs as that would make me 14stone and a bit, OK the "bit" would be 13lbs but its like when you buy something for £19.99 you never say £20 yo always say £19, makes it seem cheaper.

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