Thursday, 20 November 2008

Data leak, but not the government for once!

Several people have contacted me regarding the publication on the internet of the BNP Membership Lists. Of course I would never do anything so illegal as to look at such information placed into the public domain by dubious means. After all if I got hold of everyone’s medical records after they were left on a Hartlepool Bus or the bank details of Councillors from a data stick dropped in the Civic Centre then I wouldn’t dream of looking at them.

However if people want to tell me there are approximately 20 BNP contact details in Hartlepool on the list, one of which is using a “” e-mail address then I can hardly refuse to listen! Of course the outrage by the BNP is rather amusing since one of the things they have been doing for years is sending letters and leaflets to UKIP Members in their own homes allegedly using an old UKIP membership database they have reportedly obtained from somewhere. As UKIP leader Nigel Farage has reportedly said "It's the classic case of the biter bit. They've had no compunction about using parts of our database which they managed to obtain to contact our members directly. In fact the Information Commissioner is still dealing with our complaint of last summer about this misuse”

It does however say a lot about being a BNP Member that so many of them seem to be very worried that this is becoming public knowledge. I personally think the BNP is an abhorrent group of people who should be ashamed of their activities. Of course they are not an illegal organisation so membership should not lead to fear of intimidation and violence. These people will probably be targeted by mindless thugs masquerading as defenders of freedom and liberty who feel quite justified in denying freedom and liberty to others!

I’ve had some fairly nasty things said about me and my UKIP Membership but this is usually by ignorant people who have never bothered to find out what UKIP stands for. When someone calls me a “little Englander” but then goes on to say they think we should leave the EU I am always saddened by their lack of understanding about UKIP and their inability to separate smears and propaganda from the true position.

UKIP are a none racists, none sectarian party dedicated to withdrawing this country from the European Union. Clear and simple,

Of course not clear and simple enough for people who have made up their minds and don’t want to be confused by facts. Lib/Lab/Con believers as I usually call them!

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