Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Honda 400/4

In the spirit of days gone by, (and in an attempt to top Greg Beaman's Honda SS50) I did a quick google search for Honda 400/4 which was the bike I moved onto after I passed my full licence and before succumbing to the attraction of four wheels and sitting in a steel box with a heater and a radio.

The Honda pictured is the 1976 model which was the one I had.

I found the picture under "classic bikes" which I suppose it is now. In its day it was a fantastic bike, all I did was change the oil occasionally and remove the stupid metal covers from the spark plug caps (there was a tendency for these to short out if the bike got dirty enough, which I'm afraid mine did). Electric start so no bouncing on a kick start and off course smooth four stroke power. I've still got the boots and the black leather jacket hanging in the wardrobe. The boots still fit me but the jacket is a bit tight, OK the jacket won't zip up any more! Son and heir tried them on the other day. The Jacket fits him fine but the boots are too small. Where in the world did he get size 11 feet from, not from me that's for sure!

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