Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Keep the pound (well at least until after the next election)

A Poll of 1614 Conservative members asked the question: "Should Britain join the Euro?" Only 65% of them gave an outright 'No'. Five percent actually said yes and 30% of them wanted to keep their options open.

If this had been a survey of UKIP members it would have been 100% NO. How can a sovereign nation ever consider sacrificing its fiscal freedom and right to control its own currency and economy? Once again this proves that the Conservative Party can never be trusted on this issue. Privately the Tory Leadership is very, very Pro-EU but the Tories do get publicly more Eurosceptic as an election approaches and the Leadership allows grass roots feelings to be expressed. Once the votes are safely in the ballot box of course the Tory Leadership swings back fully behind the European Union and ignores its members for another few years until ballot fodder is needed again. Maybe it is time for those 65% of Conservative Party members who want to keep our pound to make the move to UKIP which more accurately represents their views.

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