Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Forward Plan Published

Every month a "Forward Plan" is published by Hartlepool Council showing the key decisions to be made by the Mayor and his cabinet over the next three months. It is usually riveting reading, if you enjoy sticking pins in your eyes then this one is for you. However, it was even better than usual this month as it outlined a packed program for December to March 2009. n this period the Executive will be deciding on the following issues of vital importance to Hartlepool residents:

Adoption of new software for payroll system
Business Case for Building Schools for the future
Contract for removal of abandoned and nuisance vehicles
Dog Kenneling Contract
Supplementary Planning Document for a new Development
Sale of Football Ground Lease to Hartlepool United FC
Endorsement of Tees Valley Metro Proposal
Schools Admissions Arrangement review
Re-designation of a Special school to mainstream status
Refreshment of Local Area Agreement

The Mayor will no doubt be keeping a close eye on the sale of the football ground and the endorsement of the Metro Proposal will leave Hartlepool as the only single spoke "hub" on the system. The Business Case for Building schools for the future will have been dictated by the government and the rest will have been decided by the Council Officers long before they get anywhere near Cabinet ofr the Mayor. For this the Mayor and his trusty Cabinet team of 6 Councillors (4 Labour, 1 Independent Labour and 1 Independent (former Lib-Dem)) will receive between them allowances of over £30,000, admittedly the Mayor gets half of that and the rest is shared out amongst his cabinet colleagues (although colleagues is probably stretching the point). Of course this £30,000 is less than the Chief Executive alone receives in the same period but then he is after all the person really running Hartlepool.

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