Sunday, 2 November 2008

Strictly Come Boring

After spending lots of money on Sky+HD I found myself watching the visual equivalent of sticking pins in my eyes last night! I was forced to endure Strictly Come Dancing for the first time. I managed to stay with it for almost three couples before I ran screaming from the room. I have successfully avoided the X Factor, Britain's got talent and I have never knowingly watched more than a few seconds of Big Brother (I switched on the TV late one night and was treated to a low light view of what appeared to be people sleeping. I waited for the program to start and when nothing happened I checked the schedule and discovered I was watching Big Brother. Why does anyone want to watch live TV of people asleep?). I have also managed to keep away from anything involving jungles and switch off immediately anything with "Celebrity" in the title appears on the screen.

However, back to Strictly come Dancing. I've finally found something worse than endless repeats of Top Gear on Dave (I mean who calls a TV Chanel "Dave" for goodness sake). Each to their own, live and let live and all that but is this drivel really prime time TV. Bring back Scrap Heap Challenge I say!

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