Monday, 24 March 2008

The wonder of Woolworths

Has anyone seen the latest Woolworth's TV Ad? It's includes a section on "boy's toys" and another section on "girl's toys" The two sections were each over very fast but it seemed to me the boys toys were cars and the girls toys were pink! I will take more notice next time it's on.

My wife and I have two teenage children, one girl and one boy. (Sorry, I should say "partner" not "wife" as using the word wife might imply a totally non-PC belief that a married couple are somehow a better arrangement for child rearing than single parent, same sex couples, or a multi gender nurture sharing matrix). Based on observation over many years my "partner" and I know that the male child and female child are different. Not that one is better than the other, just they are not the same! On the whole boys do want to play with toy guns and model cars while girls like dolls and make-up. As they get older then the boys move more into computer games and the girls develop the female fascination with shoes (and handbags).

I wonder if the Politically Correct Brigade will be complaining about the Woolworth's Advert? After all it could be interpreted as a nice piece of gender stereotyping!

The PC lobby ignore the fact that girls and boys on the whole prefer to play with different toys. Political correctness says that shouldn't be allowed to make a difference. I am all in favour of both sexes having equal opportunities but the sexes ARE different. Some boys might want to play with dolls (I had an Action Man myself, isn't that a type of doll?) but as the PC Brigade will say, how will men get in touch with their feminine side if they are not made to develop caring and nurturing facets of their personality? As regards what side of their personality girls display as "Ladettes" then the least said the better!

These comments of course will be interpreted by those who have the PC Mindset to allege that I am a rampant sexist and display out of date, redneck thinking. In my opinion one of the problems with Britain at the moment is Political Correctness! There are 1,000's of people out there now working in the "discrimination industry" and it is in their interest to find more and more ways to keep themselves in work! IfWoolworth's want to advertise boys toys and girls toys then I say good luck to them! If the children don't want them then they won't pester their parents to buy them,Woolworths will lose money and withdraw the products. Of course saying "parents" could leave me open to more allegations of being None-PC! What about kids with only one parent, or kids living in alternative lifestyle scenarios? What is the Politically Correct term for "parent" these days? Can you even say "Children" or "Kids" or should it be "young adults" or by saying "young" am I being ageist? HELP!!!!!!

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