Thursday, 27 March 2008

Happy Birthday Rosie.......Love You!

My Baby Girl Rosie is 17, Happy Birthday! Here she is cutting her cake yesterday (Her birthday was 26th March) with her proud parents and grandparents (Baby brother Edward is missing from the picture as he is at HMS Caledonia this week on a Meteorology course). We had to take the candles off for the photo as the glare from 17 flames was too much for the camera to cope with.

Unfortunately for Rosie the expected car didn't appear for her birthday. She did get a copy of an insurance certificate with her as a named driver for her mother's car and that cost over £500. Apparently ALL her friends got mini coopers for their birthdays! Well her friends' parents must have more money than sense! Rosie's car of choice is a RAV4 and I wish her well in her quest for one. She's watching one on e-bay at the moment, £400, R Reg, 110,000 miles on the clock. Rosie tells me the Insurances is only £75 A MONTH.

Seventeen years ago Rosie was just 9lb 8oz, she's a bit bigger than that now and seventeen years ago i could sit for hours just letting her grip my finger. This morning I had to watch her get into the car, full of 17 year old invincibility after one lesson and set of to drive to college. The journey lasted almost 10 yards before her mother yanked on the handbrake and managed to stop the car about 6 inches from a brick wall. I knew it was too soon to let Rosie drive on busy roads at 8.00am but what do I know, I'm only her father! Hopefully the scare might mean she admits so needs quiet roads and lots more practice, however she is a 17 years old woman so admitting her dad "might" be right is going to be very hard for her to do.

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