Sunday, 23 March 2008

Hartlepool's Voice in Westminster

Another good week in Westminster for the voice of Hartlepool! After a by-election campaign dominated by promises that "Hartlepool Hospital is safe" which were dropped almost as soon as the ballots were counted, Iain Wright MP announced his intention to be Hartlepool's Voice in Westminster NOT the governments voice in Hartlepool. With this in mind wouldn't you have expected him to be vocal in the condemnation of the Post Office Closures? Something many members of his own Party are speaking out against on the streets of Hartlepool. Hartlepool's voice was noticeable only in its absence as he dutifully voted with the Labour Party whip AGAIN. So much for Hartlepool's voice in Westminster!

1 comment:

  1. Ian Wright should resign, but if I was being kind I would accept that he was only doing what all MP's and councillors do, that is protect themselves and the money they get for doing as they are told.