Monday, 10 March 2008

Holiday Inn or Express Hoilday Inn

Spent the weekend in London with my daughter, Rosie. Two reasons for the visit, shopping for shoes of course, plus she wants to be a Solicitor and there was a careers conference at the London School of Law which she was booked to attend to tell her all about it.

Her conference went quite well, from what she told me, which as I am her father means she told me what she wanted me to know. She has decided to go to Cambridge and then become a Commercial Law Solicitor. Her chosen firm pays £38,000 a year to their trainees in the first year, £45,000 in the second year and then the sky is the limit. I pointed out it was very, very competitive but with the supreme confidence of youth that didn’t bother her at all. I suppose as she is on target for 5 Grade A A levels she probably has the academic qualifications she needs. I did also find out she was very shocked when everyone asked her if she was a Geordie! Rosie unfortunately shares the common delusion that she herself has no regional accent……Bless!! As the young people say.

We had booked to stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Old Street, which is the chain I usually use. We were allocated a smoking room. However my “Priority Club” Membership definitely specifies “NONE Smoking Room only” so we were upgraded and transferred to the Holiday Inn Kings Cross. This was a massive mistake! Rosie now knows that Holiday Inn Express isn’t like Holiday Inn “Plus”, she’s discovered proper Holiday Inns are actually much nicer than the Express Holiday Inns. The rooms are better, the en-suites are better and the breakfasts are definitely better. Rosie will now expect Holiday Inn every time, which of course means twice the price!

The final nail in the Holiday Inn Express Coffin was the discovery, by Rosie, of how comfortable the real beds are. She had always stayed in a family room with a pull out sofa bed and she has slept there. Now she has experienced a real bed the pull out sofa is definitely gone for good. Money no object to my little girl!

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