Friday, 21 March 2008

Not Good Enough for Eldon Grove but OK on the Headland!

Hartlepool Planning Committee this week rejected an application to put up an industrial style sports building in Eldon Grove. It is a shame the same aesthetic sense wasn’t applied to the horrible shed erected to the rear of the Headland Borough Hall in the name of sports development.

As one of the Committee who spoke against the Eldon Grove Carbuncle I fully supported the development of tennis in Hartlepool but could not support a building like the one proposed. This is totally out of place in a residential street and in my opinion was a building of zero architectural merit. Hartlepool Council should not allow eyesores like these to be erected.

The Planning Committee agreed and the application was unanimously rejected. It’s a great shame the same standards are not applied right across the town. The Sports hall to the rear of the Borough Hall is also out of place and totally out of character for the area. This Headland Sports Hall was erected with Regeneration Money and replaced another sports Hall that had been allowed to fall into disrepair. I also spoke against the design of the sports hall on the Headland but we were told we had to accept what was on offer or we would get nothing. We ended up with a lowest cost, industrial cladding, building which is already starting to look shabby.

Hartlepool planning committee seem to apply one set of visual standards to areas like Eldon Grove and another set of standards to the Headland. Try and put UPVc Windows into a house on the Headland and there is an outcry! Put up a tin shed and the residents are told to be grateful for what they get.

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  1. Could the reason be that the Labour party members on the planning committee all voted FOR the tin shed on the Headland but against the tin shed in Eldon Grove because the St Hilda Ward has completely rejected the Labour party as being acceptable councillors and they followed their usual pattern of hatred of all who do not subscribe to their doctrine.
    Having said that, I believe that one of the councillors in the St Hilda ward at the time the planning application was approved voted FOR the tin shed despite a majority of headland residents being opposed.
    I live on the Headland and we were told it was a tin shed or nothing and personally I would have preferred nothing rather than the monstrosity which is already now looking old and tatty.
    Probably the mayor will eventually include it on his hit list of run down buildings needing care and attention.