Friday, 14 March 2008

Climb the Pole.......Go Iain GO!

The control of the UK by unelected Brussels Bureaucrats is now almost totally complete. The Lisbon Treaty continues its progress into UK Law without a referendum of the people who couldn’t be trusted to vote YES and so were denied the chance to vote at all. Twenty Nine Labour MP’s did do the honourable thing and vote for a Referendum. Two of these MP’s were from the Teesside area, Frank Cook (Stockton North), and John Cummings (Easington) were both Labour rebels and backed the Referendum Amendment. Frank Cook of course has already been deselected by the Stockton Labour Party and I think I heard that John Cummings is retiring at the next General Election. This means both of these MP’s are free to listen to their constituents and truly represent their views rather than just parrot the party line and give priority to maintaining their position on the greasy pole.

Surprisingly (sarcasm here) the MP for Hartlepool was not on the Rebel list. Looking at the voting record of the Hartlepool MP is appears the only time he has ever voted against the government whip was in his first few days in the Commons when he accidentally went through the wrong lobby. With blind loyalty like that he is surely destined for high office very soon!

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