Friday, 14 March 2008

It's all the fault of the North East

It occurs to me that the refusal by the Labour Government to allow a referendum on the EU Constitution (sorry, I mean the "Lisbon Treaty") is all the fault of the Labour voting North East of England. The last time Labour allowed a referendum it was too planned to anoint the new North East Assembly. The overriding result was an 80% NO Vote. This was achieved in the face of Labour Politicians actively campaigning on the slogan that “a NO Vote was a Tory Vote”

Now, hated of the Tories is passed to most north east babies while they are still in the womb. In fact the politics of envy, the chip on the shoulder brigade, the “working class hero” hatred is too intense to be rational in many cases. I have come across people who hate the Tories with such intensity that religious suicide bombers could appear to be moderate when compared to them. With this in mind then you would think anything that even hinted at supporting the Tories would have been a sure fire way of getting the YES Vote out in droves. Unfortunately for Labour it didn’t work. A huge majority of the North East population do indeed hate the Tories but they seemed to hate the European Union inspired Regional Assembly even more. So there you are. No Referendum for us on the EU and its all the fault of the North East of England. If they couldn’t be trusted to vote the right way then how could the Labour Party risk allowing the rest of the country a say.

PS Hartlepool of course gave the Labour Party two fingers in its Mayoral referendum as well. I was told, but as I wasn’t invited I can’t say if it’s true, that the Labour Candidate had a marquee on his lawn and a breakfast of strawberries and champagne laid on ready to celebrate his election as Hartlepool Mayor. After all, the good sheep of Hartlepool could be relied on to elect the Labour Candidate couldn’t they? The subsequent election of a man in a monkey suit put pay to the political ambitions of that particular labour supporter and probably cost him the chance to replace Mandelson as MP for Hartlepool when that individual left for pastures greener in Brussels.

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