Sunday, 26 October 2008

Staff without posts

According to Official Figures there are currently 1,743 permanent civil servants classified as 'staff without posts' across Government departments. The Ministry of Defence had the largest number with 830, followed by the Department for Work & Pensions with 368 staff, and the Foreign Office with 212. Apparently this includes people returning from career breaks, maternity or sick leave and those waiting to be assigned a new full-time role. So while everyone else is tightening their belts to get through the financial crisis the civil service is paying people to do nothing! Of course it could just be the Public Sector equivalent of Job Seekers Allowance? If you don't have a job in the Private Sector then you are laid off, redundant, "down the road" and signing on at the Job Centre. From this report it appears if you don't have a job in the public sector then you are "staff without posts" and kept on until something turns up for you? Possibly your gold plated, final salary scheme pension?

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