Sunday, 12 October 2008

Harsh economic facts of life

My daughter now has a car to run! Ah the wonderful experience of watching her counting her pennies to see if she can put petrol in the tank! I've told her she needs to be saving up for her insurance renewal next year, tax, tyres, servicing, etc but so far all her cash is going on fuel. I think she's not drinking as much Starbuck Coffee these days as a super skinny latte with twist and sprinkles (or whatever it was she used to order) now equates to three litres of petrol.

In desperation she has got herself a job. Waitress at the Mayfair Centre on a casual basis. She's completed one shift and received her first pay packet but so far she's out of pocket since she had to buy some black trousers and a white blouse to wear at work and the cost of the clothes came to £1 more than she was paid as 17year old, casual staff. Her next shift will be as and when required but I don't think she's holding her breath.

Rosie's foray into minimum wage employment has been a bit of a wake up call for her on the harsh economic facts of life. Of course if this doesn't motivate her to do well in her A Levels and get to a decent university then minimum wage might be what she's destined for! Her experience also means she's now also worked out why the staff in Starbucks are disappointed when she didn't leave a tip! Just one person giving her a single pound on Saturday would at least have meant she broke even on the night!

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