Monday, 13 October 2008

Comment Policy

This blog is my personal ramblings and my comments on news and events. Anyone is welcome to read this blog but I write it for me, not for anyone else. Following some quite unnecessary and personal comments I have modified my blog settings to require my approval before a comment made by a reader is posted for all to see. I will accept comments that add to debate or make valid points about the events or news I am referring to. However, this is my blog and I will not allow anonymous comments that are insulting and which attack me personally. If someone wants to have a go at me then I see no reason to give them a platform to do so.


  1. your "ramblings" as you call them show exactly what is missing from most Hartlepool Borough Councillor "ramblings" - articulate comment, intelligence and analysis of a wide range of subjects way beyond those have nothing to add excepy insults driven by envy.

  2. Well said - those making the personal comments are those who have nothing worthwhile to contribute except bile