Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Chipped like dogs!

To those people who commented that it will never happen here I would point out that VeriChip in the USA has been making implantable chips approved for use in humans since October 2004. The rice grain-sized chips, designed to be injected into the arm's fatty tissue, can be scanned like a bar code to call up personal information such as name, blood type and medical records. The chips can also be linked to financial information such as credit card numbers and buying habits, a facility that a nightclub in Glasgow was trying to exploit by offering to implant its patrons with the chips. The club, called Bar Soba, said the chips let customers leave their wallets at home and still have their favorite drink on the bar waiting for them as soon as they walk through the door and get scanned.

Latest versions of the chip can include GPS data, just imagine how much info the government could collect on you if you were monitored 24/7 on everywhere you went and every time you spent any money it was logged! Even George Orwell allowed his creations to have privacy in their own bodies! Of course 1984 was supposed to be a work of fiction but too many people now a days seem to view it as an instruction manual!

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