Friday, 24 October 2008

Internet fraud

Well it's finally happened to me! Internet fraud has caught me in its web. My Credit card provider rang me this morning to query some "unusual activity" on my account.
Skype phone credit transfers and several thousand pounds worth of purchases on line overseas.

I assured them I have not been visiting India recently, nor buying large quantities of textiles there. They have stopped the card and checked it was still in my possession, which it was (in fact still is but in two pieces). The card has not left my possession in the last two weeks other than in three petrol stations, one I use regularly in Hartlepool, one on the M1 about 10 days ago and the other in the centre of Leeds.

The card remained in my sight at all times so if the details have been stolen then its been very cleverly done. Might just be a co-incidence but it was 7.00pm on Monday evening I filled up the car in Leeds and less than 6 hours later the card was being used to electronically transfer money overseas! My credit card provider assures me I am not liable for the loss as the card is still in my possession. I suppose if you want to steal credit card details then a petrol station is a very good place to do it!

Actually this might be the universe returning to Karmic Balance. If my card details were lifted in the Leeds Petrol Station then this was the same petrol station where I bought a Cheese Savory in Brown Bread Sandwich in clear violation of my diet! So there we are, cheat on the diet and get your credit card details stolen, it's just natural justice asserting itself!

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