Friday, 17 October 2008

Diet Report No:2

Completed another week and faced the Friday morning weigh-in. Down another 5 pounds this week and am now a positively skinny 16 stone 13lbs (107.5kg).

Only cheated twice this week, once when I was driving back from Leeds, I stopped to fill the car with petrol and was tempted by the sandwiches, ah bread! and the second time when Edward (the swine!) left a box of wine gums on the passenger seat of the car and they called to me until I munched one (or three or four, OK a handful!).

Got a Surveillance visit this morning and the client always has fish and chips on Fridays! Ah can I be strong in the face of that temptation!

Update: I failed to resist the fish and chips! It was the promise of mushy peas that broke my resolve.

Update 2: Just to point out the Fish and Chips were NOT allowed by my diet. One fellow Councilor rang to ask me of details of the diet that included fish and chips. Sorry but no good!

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